So, if you’ve read my blog, you might have noticed that I’m just a wee bit into the green scene. Pretty much every day – for work and for my family – I do loads of research on eco-lifestyle, sustainability, nature, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

I collect data and ideas from all over the web, and sometimes in unexpected places. (Did you know, for example, that World Naked Gardening Day is coming up on May 2? I am not making this up. Now that’s some getting back to nature.)

But I also have favorite websites that I return to again and again for reliable, current info on a range of green topics. These sites are more than just collections of random trivia – they are true, bookmark-worthy resources.

Environmental Working Group is my go-to for “clean” shopping (especially grocery and personal products). Mother Nature Network delivers beautiful stories on the Earth, the animal kingdom, and the quirkiest animal of all – the human. And TreeHugger gives me a progressive design, tech, and scientific slant on the world.

Today, I came across a new resource website to add to my list: Healthy Child, Healthy World.

Healthy Child, Healthy World does the legwork for busy parents, wading through the sea of ever-changing scientific consensus. It also supports changes to our laws and our culture so that every kid, regardless of circumstance, can thrive. This site is perfect for both new and seasoned parents interested in a safer home base, greener choices, and healthier children everywhere.

Here is a smorgasbord of their topics and resources:

  • Have you noticed how having a new baby kicks everyone’s nesting instinct into high gear? Those home renovations will be great when they’re finished, but demo’d bathrooms and lead paint particles can expose everyone in the house to nasty chemicals. Do it all the safe way with this Healthy Home Renovations guide.
  • If you have kids, I guarantee you’ll have to wrangle at least a few head lice before they turn 18. Unfortunately, over-the-counter pesticide shampoos have been linked to asthma, allergies, even cancer. Instead, remove lice safely with natural essential oils, a lice comb, and some elbow grease.
  • Raise your hand if you ever use your car keys as an emergency toy and teething ring. Do not do this. Those keys can contain mass amounts lead, a well-known toxin. Get a “fake” (real wood) set of keys if your tot insists on chewing up the contents of your purse.
  • Are fake food dyes, preservatives and other additives really that bad? Yes, they really are. They are implicated in many pediatric behavioral and neurological issues. And you can avoid them by choosing more whole foods and fewer processed foods that harbor heinous food fillers.
  • HealthyChild even has a handy new e-book, Easy Steps to a Safer Pregnancy.  Because, after all, “…your baby’s first home isn’t her nursery or even your house. It’s your body.”


Makes you think, right?

Like all the info on this site, the goal is to empower you to make more educated choices.

Which may or may not include grabbing a shovel, polishing off your birthday suit, and getting “back to the garden” for World Naked Gardening Day.