Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Liz has a long, colorful history of teaching (French), blogging (in English), and magazine editing (in Chief). In 2013, she added book editing into the mix when a client approached her with a memoir manuscript—and she fell in love with publishing all over again.

Liz is now a full-time freelance editor and writer, specializing in sustainability, health and travel. She works for print (books + magazines) as well as for the web (copy + campaigns). Though her client base is nondenominational, she has a soft spot for people and organizations who do good and do green.




“It’s surprising how difficult it is to find an editor who is capable of doing a meticulous job or even willing to put in the work. I had quite a few disappointing experiences with editors—until in the middle of my second memoir when I was fortunate to find Liz.

Of course Liz has done much more than the crucial line editing for me. She is astute at spotting all sorts of problems, such as inconsistencies of thoughts and gaps of information. She is excellent at consolidating content and moving materials around to improve the flow. She is also ruthless in deleting unnecessary information and pushing for more details. When she urged stronger chapter beginnings or endings, it forced me to think harder and come up with something better.

Last but not least, I appreciate her expeditiousness. In addition to my second memoir, she has edited three essays, and is currently editing my third memoir. I would be lost without her.”

~ Annabel Liu

Author Under the Towering Tree: A Daughter’s Memoir and My Years As Chang Tsen: Two Wars, One Childhood


“We hired Liz to reboot our brand messaging and were delighted with her vision for Apple Park. Not only did she fine-tune our messaging, she did it in a way that incorporated her vast understanding of the eco-friendly, “green” organic marketplace and consumer.

If you need to say something critically important, but aren’t exactly sure what to say or how to say it, Liz is your writer. She was able to say exactly what we were thinking in her unique, laidback voice. We look forward to working with Liz again on copy and content for our website and catalog.”

~ Susannah Searson

VP of Sales, Apple Park


“I cannot speak more highly of Liz Norwood, editor+writer extraordinaire! Liz has the exceptional ability to understand the value of what an organization or individual offers, and to then succinctly and powerfully represent this value in words and images.

I have worked with at least a dozen editor/writers/marketing “gurus” and have never found anyone as capable, easy to work with, and insightful as Liz. She is both a big picture thinker with vision, who also pays attention to meaningful details.

Liz has taken a lead on several very significant projects, including revamping a website from scratch, creating a brand name, logo and tag line. Liz made our organization shine by taking an old unprofessional looking site and making it beautiful. She also helped to clarify an appropriate name, came up with a catchy tag line and a perfect logo! Liz also edited social media (blogs and e-zines) reaching thousands of members.

Working with Liz, I was in the hands of a caring expert. She adroitly and joyfully worked with me to foster my important message, so it could be masterfully presented to my chosen audience and the world at large.”

~ Catriona M. Glazebrook
Executive Director, Academy for Sustainability & Communications